YG BOYS - Winner & Team B

team b iKon yg m&m mix&match kim jiwon bobby m&m ep2 trying not to cry my gif

WARNING: explicit 
WARNING (2): eargasm


audio mino winner all I can make out is fuck fucking and mother fucking

Seunghoon getting comfortable w/ Yoo Hee-Yeol.

winner seunghoon 140919 show yhy sketchbook

Rumors surrounding Taehyun’s sexuality. 

winner taehyun seungyoon lol 140919 yhy sketchbook show

Mix & Match

bobby hanbin double b at smtm3 team b ikon yg m&m mix&match m&m ep2

cute Jinhoon ಥ‿ಥ

jinhoon jinwoo seunghoon winner 140919 radio show volume up

Bobby hyung comforting our baby maknae, Donghyuk. T-T 

team b iKon yg m&m mix&match m&m ep2 bobby donghyuk ppl who watched smtm3 say that bobby is cocky but he's actually really caring and sweet

Color Ring - Acoustic Version (x)

winner color ring 1thek prime live mino jinwoo taehyun seunghoon seungyoon
iKon jinhyeong yg m&m mix&match m&m ep2 I like his smile but I get pissed when ppl tag him as team b he is not and will never be team b I'll tag iKon because who knows but never team b just saying

pabobby ლ(⌒▽⌒ლ)

bobby team b iKon yg m&m mix&match m&m ep2 control your face please
mino winner color ring mv
yoo hee yeol’s sketchbook - 그리워해요 (seunghoon ver.) for girinerd
winner seunghoon 140919 show live yhy sketchbook
taehyun winner show 140916 naver starcast

baby jinhwan ♡

jinhwan ikon team b yg m&m mix&match

Mix&Match E02

ikon jinhyeong yg m&m mix&match m&m ep2 honestly your singing isn't that great you have a cute smile tho I totally thought YG was going to bring some power vocals in